Elena Šimukovič on „Open Access, a New Kind of Emerging Knowledge Regime?“

Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open AccessFollowing Jutta Haider and Richard Poynder, Elena Šimukovič has now published her contribution to the anthology „Open Divide? Critical Studies on Open Access“ online.

Elena made her contribution worth reading „Open Access, a New Kind of Emerging Knowledge Regime?“ available on the repository of the University of Vienna under https://phaidra.univie.ac.at/view/o:653995.

Here is also the abstract of Elena’s article: „Open Access as a programmatic name for a new mode of dissemination of scholarly publications has been around since the turn of this millennium. However, a considerable accumulation of calls for a more rapid transition from journal subscription towards ‚full‘ Open Access system can be observed in the recent years. By looking at some of the beginning aspirations of the Open Access movement as well as proposed disruption scenarios this contribution aims at discussing some of less visible aspects in current debates and to give a glimpse at embedding this sort of initiatives in a conceptual framework by making use of the notion of an emerging ‚knowledge regime‘. “

The list of all articles in the anthology with links to texts available as Open Access publications can be found here.

Here is the bibliographic information on Open Divide:
Open Divide? Critical Studies on Open Access
Editors: Ulrich Herb and Joachim Schöpfel
Price: $35.00
Expected: Spring 2018
Publisher: Litwin Books
ISBN: 978-1-63400-029-1

Ulrich Herb
Elena Šimukovič on „Open Access, a New Kind of Emerging Knowledge Regime?“

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