Zenodo Community „Open Access & Open Science Research“

Some time ago I set up the community „Open Access & Open Science Research“ on Zenodo, but failed to promote it. This collection should only contain documents, data or other objects that deal with Open Access and Open Science as a research topic, e. g. scientometric studies, monitoring studies or studies on the acceptance of Open Access and Open Science. It should not contain any text or data on research topics other than Open Access or Open Science even if the text, data or software was published Open Access. If this criterion should be fulfilled, I as a curator add the submissions to the community.

Like all other Zenodo communities, this community has its own OAI PMH interface, https://zenodo.org/oai2d?verb=ListRecords&set=user-osr&metadataPrefix=oai_dc.

Please feel free to submit items to the community as long as they meet the criterion mentioned above. You are very welcome to spread the information about the existence of the community or make suggestions for its improvement.

Copyright note: Icon available under MIT License from https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/2561489/unlock_icon


Ulrich Herb
Zenodo Community „Open Access & Open Science Research“

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