Crowdfunding: Survey on Open Access at universities and research institutions

Open Access LogoCurrently I am planning to offer the development of a questionnaire on Open Access at universities and research institutions.

Some of the topics would be the acceptance of Open Access by researchers, the acceptance of in-house Open Access services, and gaps in the service portfolio.

Since the offer is intended for libraries or other institutions at universities, readers are asked whether their institutions are interested in having such a survey developed by an external expert.

The advantages:

  1. If enough funding institutions can be found, a standardised questionnaire will be developed.
  2. The design of the questionnaire is developed together with the clients.
  3. The reports per client are provided by scidecode.
  4. The questionnaire (the instrument) will be open for further use and be licensed under an open license.
  5. The clients will get data and information on Open Access at their institution without having to set up their own technology and without investments in human resources.
  6. All this would be cheaper and faster to produce results than a third-party funded project.
  7. Compliance with data protection regulations is guaranteed, based on experiences from past online surveys.

Reactions are welcome at or by telephone at 0049 157 30306851.

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