A distant look at the commercialization of Open Access: The Jussieu Call for Open Science and Bibliodiversity

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Joachim Schöpfel (Lille University, France) yesterday posted a message on the “Jussieu Call for Open Science and Bibliodiversity” in the Global Open Access List (GOAL).  Indeed the Jussieu Call is worth reading, since he is taking a distant look at the commercialization of Open Access, here is the text of Joachim Schöpfel’s message:

“This Call was drafted on the campus Jussieu in Paris by a French group comprising researchers and scientific publishing professionals working together in Open Access and Public Scientific Publishing task forces of BSN (Bibliothèque scientifique numérique, or Digital Scientific Library).

This Call is aimed at scientific communities, professional associations and research institutions to promote a scientific publishing open-access model fostering bibliodiversity and innovation without involving the exclusive transfer of journal subscription monies to APC payments.”

The call can be found and signed under http://jussieucall.org/index.html.

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