A little bibliography on criteria for assessing the quality of scientific documents

Quality sign

As mentioned before I work on a literature review focusing on criteria for assessing the quality of scientific documents. As I found in the Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar very few literature on cognitive construction processes or relevant content-related parameters that make articles seem to be of high quality I asked in a recent posting for support by the readers of this blog.

One reader, Dr. Werner Dees, actually sent me very, very valuable tips. The complete list of the reviewed literature can be found below as text and downloaded as a BibTEx-file. Please give the file the extension .bib after the download, it ends now on .txt.

The articles I found most useful are Mårtensson, P., Fors, U., Wallin, S.-B., Zander, U., & Nilsson, G. H. (2016). and especially Bucholz (1995), the latter being a recommendation of Dr. Dees.

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