Austria agrees with Wiley on a national Open Access consortium

Dollar SymbolThe Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and Cooperation E-Medien Österreich (KEMÖ) have signed a three-year contract with the publishing house John Wiley and Sons Inc. that combines the use of Closed Access content and the publication of Open Access articles in Wiley outlets.

FWF-funded authors that

  1. are affiliated with one of the 22 participating KEMÖ members and
  2. are corresponding authors of a publication

can publish unlimited and free of charge Open Access articles in Wiley’s hybrid journals. The agreement applies to all articles accepted by Wiley in hybrid journals from 1 January 2018. Authorized authors are automatically identified and informed about the possibility of free Open Access publication.

A press release on the deal can be read here (in German language). On the website of you’ll find some more information on the agreement including a list of journals covered by it. It comprises 1,327 of 2,486 journals that Wiley publishes in total.

Accordingly, this agreement raises the same questions as the Elsevier consortium in Finland: How this list was negotiated could be interesting. Especially as a similar list of journals, which was compiled in a comparable deal with Elsevier in the Netherlands, is said not to have been loaded with high-quality journals… The financial conditions are also likely to be interesting, but nothing has been made public about them so far.

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