Workshop on scientific publishing at the Saarland University

On 16 May I will be holding a workshop at my home university, Saarland University, on “Publishing scientific texts” in the GradUS Graduate Program. On the GradUS website you can find more information and also a registration form.

Young scientists are at the beginning of their research careers, which at the same time are publishing careers. The latter is more than important for professional advancement and promotion; it is no coincidence that in science the motto “publish or perish” is used – those who do not publish will find it difficult to make professional progress.

This workshop therefore provides an orientation on the possibilities, mechanisms and current developments of scientific publishing as well as on the legal pitfalls that scientists will face throughout their lives.


  • Publications as the key to scientific success
  • Publication processes in various disciplines
  • Quality assurance and measurement in publishing
  • Open Access: How and why you might publish your results Open Access
  • how to find a suitable publication venue
  • Outlook: Text, Data, Software and Social Media



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